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Pemberton Group


Save time and money with unsurpassed local knowledge.

  • Award-winning sustainability practices in Earthworks and Erosion and Sediment Control work
  • Specialised Wellpoint Drainage/Three-Waters team
  • Extensive quality control checks and balances
  • Wellpoint Dewatering specialists
  • Pemberton Group have fully trained staff with both Drainlayers tickets and the water/wastewater ITO Qualification.
  • Electrofusion and Butt Welding Certified Technicians¬†

Pemberton Group is a multigenerational civil construction company. With 60 years of drainage projects under our belt, we have a huge knowledge base to draw on.

The Pemberton team draw on their insights into the unique characteristics of each location to mitigate issues and devise cost-effective solutions right from the onset.

Pemberton Group

Stormwater & Sewer Installation

Pemberton Group have fully trained staff with both Drainlayers tickets and the water/wastewater ITO Qualification.

MSC have completed numerous drainage activities from 3m+ trenched excavation with shields installing 600mm pipes with manhole connections, through to catch pit installation and kerb prep and pouring.

We install all general concrete and PVC pipes through to placement of RIP RAP for scour protection.

We have a variety of laser equipment for laying pipes and using our GPS excavators we ensure we are on grade all the time.

Pemberton Group

Water Main installation

We specialise in laying all types of pipe including Concrete, PVC, Clay, MDPE, HDPE, Hobass, Fibreglass, PKS and Concrete Lined Steel.

We can lay at depths in excess of 6 metres deep and are experienced in controlling high water tables by means of dewatering.

Pump Stations

Our professional drainage crews specialise in pump station installation. From start to finish we offer a turn key package inclusive of wetwell, valves and chamber, storage chambers, pumps, control cabinet, rising main and telemetry.

With over 25 pump stations under our belt, built up to 12 metres deep for both local government and private developers. This is our specialty. 

Pemberton Group

Wellpoint Dewatering

Our experience and specialist equipment means we can work in deep, wet sites safely and efficiently.

If your next development involves wet sites, mitigate risks and challenges by choosing a team with the expertise to succeed!