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Pemberton Group


Pemberton Group have consistently strived to improve compliance with rules, have great communication with the Council and are continually training up staff in erosion and sediment controls.”

Everyone in our team understands that our country relies heavily on our delicate ecosystem of waterways, lakes, rivers and native land, which are important not only for environmental control but also enabling the region to produce world-class food exports.

As such we strive to minimise the short and long-term impacts of our activities on the environment and local communities.

This is achieved through sustainable designing, planning, constructing and delivery of our projects, along with regular communication, education and sustainable operating practices offsite.

Pemberton Group

Environmental Friendly

Pemberton Group works closely with Environmental local bodies to protect our ecosystem whilst working through the different project phases and scope of works.

We carry out a large range of erosion and silt control on sites, including:

  • Preparing a sediment control plan
  • Catch pit protection
  • Decanting Silt catchment ponds
  • Silt fences
  • Decanting earth bunds
  • Perimeter bunding
  • Landlock ground cover
  • Mulching
  • Daily monitoring
Pemberton Group

Our Environmental Capacity

We also utilise fuel-efficient equipment to minimise the impact on the environment.  All aspects of works that have the potential to cause significant environmental harm will have detailed work instructions, standard operating procedures and significant hazard control plans in place.

Our Environmental policy forms part of the overall Pemberton Group’s management system. The Pemberton Group has comprehensive Health & Safety and Environmental Policies, which are managed in-house by a dedicated, full-time team member.

Pemberton Group has been awarded a Special Recognition Award by the Waikato Regional Council for their sustainability practices in regards to Earthworks and Erosion and Sediment control work.

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